Restaurant Swing Doors


Stainless Steel Swinging Kitchen Doors

Stainless Steel Door Panels
All Doors Below Have Fixed Widths - Heights can be Custom
Single Panel - Standard Sizes Shown Below - Call for Custom Heights
Model Actual Door Width Height
SSTLS30-S 29 1/4" 78-84"
SSTLS36-S 35 1/4" 78-84"
Double Door Panels - Standard Sizes Shown Below Call for Custom Sizes
Model Fits a Finished Opening Width Height
SSTLS36-D 36" 78-84"
SSTLS48-D 48" 78-84"
SSTLS60-D 60" 78-84"
SSTLS72-D 72" 78-84"

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We offer stainless steel swinging kitchen doors at the same or lower cost than our competitor's plastic coated aluminum doors. We manufacture commercial stainless steel doors, stainless steel kitchen doors and stainless steel swinging kitchen doors. All of our stainless steel swinging kitchen doors are constructed of the finest stainless steel available and are Made in the USA.
Our stainless steel kitchen doors are made from 16 gage(.0598 inches thick).
Our stainless steel doors weigh 2 1/2 lbs. per square foot