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Our restaurant kitchen swing doors are custom manufactured for your unique application. Our swinging doors are durable, engineered and built for the highest quality and performance.

We want to be your one-stop restaurant door manufacturer. We manufacture kitchen swing doors for a transition from kitchen to dining areas and restaurant swinging doors for cooler and freezer applications as well. We are well known and respected for our high quality and reliable swinging traffic doors. From light duty restaurant kitchen doors to heavy duty cooler and freezer door applications.

We are a premier manufacturer of custom kitchen doors and swing doors; we are not a dealer. You can buy direct from the factory and save money on commercial kitchen doors and restaurant traffic doors.

Need a replacement door for your kitchen? Our restaurant doors are custom manufactured to meet your specifications, so all we need is your door opening dimensions and our swing doors will fit perfectly.

Call 1-877-295-9255 today and an experienced sales agent will be happy to work with you on your restaurant swing door system.