Restaurant Swing Doors - FAQ's

How wide are restaurant kitchen doors?

Restaurant swing kitchen doors have standard sizes ranging from 31" wide to 96" wide. Older restaurants with older building codes may have odd sizes, however we build our restaurant kitchen doors to order so any size can be build to accommodate your opening.

How do restaurant swing doors work?
Restaurant swing doors are made to swing open when pushed and swing back to center. Restaurant kitchen doors use a pivot gravity hinge; which when opened will swing back to center when released.

How wide do restaurant swinging doors open?
Restaurant swinging doors open 180 degrees which means they open 90 degrees in both directions. Once opened, the use of gravity hinges will swing the door(s) back to center when released.

What are the dimensions of restaurant swing doors?
Restaurant swing doors are made for standard sizes between 30" wide to 96" wide and the height of standard sizes measure between 78" high to 96" high on average. Custom sizes can be built to order.

What types of commercial kitchen doors are there?
Commercial kitchen swing doors should be made of tough, durable materials due to the amount of traffic and number of daily pass through. The choice of steel reinforcement is the best choice in materials, providing extra strength.

What is the best restaurant kitchen door shop?
There are only a small group of true manufacturers in the US. Choosing one shop over another depends on what materials they use and how much use you intend to get out of your swing door system. With aluminum doors, a less expensive option, you can expect a shorter life span. Look for a shop that uses steel reinforcement for a long lasting door system for many years of use.

What is a double swing kitchen door?
Double swing kitchen doors or double swing restaurant doors swing in both directions, normally to open 180 degrees or 90 degrees in either direction.

What is a food service door?
A food service doors refers to the use of a pivot style hinge system to allow the restaurant swing door to swing in both directions and open easily for server to pass through without having to open a door with a handle.

What is a stainless steel swinging kitchen door?
There are various styles of stainless steel swinging kitchen doors available to the consumer. We use solid stainless steel panels, which means it is comprised solely of solid stainless steel. Some manufacturers wrap a thin layer of stainless steel over a wood core, however warping is an issue in a humid environment.

What is a restaurant traffic door?
Simply put, a restaurant traffic door is a swing kitchen doors system that swings in both directions and is usually modified for carts and equipment which has been fortified with impact panels to keep from damaging the restaurant door system.


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